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Why Exercise is Good During Pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy can benefit both you and your baby.
Here are a few reasons why:-
Reduces the severity of piles (haemorrhoids)
During pregnancy your body's digestive system slows down considerably due to pregnancy hormones. This can be a reason for bloating during very early pregnancy. Regular exercise will help keep things moving.
Improves your quality of sleep
Some pregnant Mums find it difficult to sleep well at night. By exercising regularly you may find you are able to sleep better and feel more rested.
Helps you to manage your maternal weight gain
Weight gain during pregnancy is normal but needing to 'eat for two' during pregnancy is a myth. Your baby takes what nutrients it needs from what you eat, so the healthier the better. Your appetite may increase or change at various stages of your pregnancy so by keeping active and exercising regularly this will help you stay in control of how much weight you do gain.
Minimise pregnancy aches and pains
Back pain and pelvic girdle pain during pregnancy are common due to the postural changes that your body goes through.
As your 'bump' becomes larger and heavier your pelvis tilts and an increase in the natural curve of your back becomes more pronounced.
As your breasts become larger and heavier this can cause your shoulders to round and tighten at the front and in turn the muscles in your upper back may become weakened and lengthened.
Your pelvis may become unstable due to the ligaments holding it together loosening in order to make way for your baby to move down in preparation for birth, which can cause Pelvic Girdle Pain.
Reduces stress
Whether working at home or in the office, life can become stressful at times. By exercising regularly you get a perfect opportunity to take some 'time out' of your hectic schedule to focus on just you and your baby.
Time to relax
In Pregnancy Pilates we always start and finish the session with relaxation. It is said that your baby can hear your voice after around 16 weeks onwards so it would make sense that your baby would also be sensitive to your emotions. If you are relaxed and positive your baby will be too.
The exercises we do in Pregnancy Pilates are safe for pregnancy and help to strengthen your deep abdominal muscles as well as your pelvic floor. All of these muscles work very hard during (natural) labour.
If your body is used to contracting and releasing these muscles they may work more efficiently during labour.
If you would like to book some Pregnancy Pilates classes get in touch.