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Exercise in pregnancy

There are a number of reasons why exercise in Pregnancy is good for you. Whether you were a regular exerciser before Pregnancy or not at all, Pregnancy is a great time to start.
Preparation for labour and motherhood
Labour and naturally motherhood are physically and mentally demanding. Regular exercise during pregnancy can help you prepare for these demands.
Positiv-Life Fitness
Minimise pregnancy aches and pains
Back pain and pelvic pain are common during pregnancy and the right type of exercise can really help to minimise these.
Makes you feel good and lifts your mood
Exercise keeps the heart healthy and the feel-good hormones moving. Perfect for keeping stress levels low and helping you to relax and stay positive.
Positiv-Life Fitness
Helps you sleep better
Some pregnant mums have trouble sleeping, by fitting in some exercise it can make a huge difference.
Weight management
20-30 minutes of aerobic activity 3-5 times a week can really help with preventing excessive weight gain in pregnancy. For example walking, swimming and cycling on a stationary bike are good ways of keeping the heart and lungs going.
Reduces the severity of pregnancy symptoms
Backache, morning sickness, fatigue, heart burn, indigestion, constipation, varicose veins, water retention and swelling are all common during pregnancy, exercise can help.
*It is best to seek medical advice from your midwife or GP if you have never done any exercise before starting a new exercise programme.
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