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How to recover quickly after having a baby

If you've just had a baby Congratulations!
Here are our top 3 tips for helping to recover after having your baby.

Pelvic floor exercises
Not just 'kegels' which are the lift, squeeze and hold exercises but also exhale on exertion, so when you lift anything, your baby, the car seat the pushchair and yourself breathe out purposefully and this should also lift your pelvic floor and help protect your back.

Be mindful of your posture
Feeding, carrying and bending are all normal activities daily activities with a new baby so be sure to do them well to reduce the chances of  suffering from neck, shoulder or back pain.
When feeding your baby if doing so seated, make sure that your back is supported and that your baby is supported also in the cradle position propped up on pillows or a breastfeeding pillow so that you don't have to round your shoulders which can cause tension in your neck also.

Eat well
We know that lack of sleep and time can have a major affect on being able to prepare yourself good wholesome meals instead of grabbing quick and conveniently packaged foods but do what you can.
Avoiding or reducing starchy carbohydrates and grains, refined, processed (packaged) foods, sugar and alcohol and increasing the intake of some of these below may have a positive affect on your energy, well being and fat loss potential:-
Vegetables & Fruit 
Spinach, Cabbage, Cauliflower & Tomatoes
Mixed berries, Oranges
Other carbohydrates
Mixed beans, Quinoa, Sweet Potatoe
Good fats
Avocados, Raw unsalted mixed nuts, Extra virgin oil, Fish oil, Flax seeds
Green Tea


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