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How to exercise your 'Core' daily

Your 'core' is like a cylinder which includes the muscles of your back, diaphragm, abdominals, TVA and pelvic floor.
Good posture and breathing properly affects the function of your pelvic floor.
Great pelvic floor function is linked to your diaphragm and pelvic floor lifting and lowering at the same time when you breathe. If you sneeze without standing tall your diaphragm can't do it's job properly which may cause urine to leak.
Your deep tummy muscles, the TVA are linked to your pelvic floor. Exhale and draw your navel inwards. Eventually you should feel a tightening or change in tension your pelvic floor at the front of your vagina area. You may also feel your protective lower back muscles tightening too.
By exhaling on exertion creates a stiffness in the core that protects your back and weakened post-baby tummy and turns your pelvic floor on.
Be mindful of how your posture and breathe out every time you lift something, your baby, the pram and yourself. This will help you re-connect with your body's natural function.
To book a set of Pregnancy Pilates classes or Mum & Baby Yoga & Pilates classes for balance, strength and relaxation get in touch.