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Why is Tummy Time important?

Allowing your baby to play on their front is important for their physical development and will help to develop skills vital for later life. Your baby needs time playing on their front to develop good head control, learn body awareness and gain good balance and coordination. With opportunities to move and play in different positions your baby will develop better posture and learn how to control their movements. 
Laying on their tummy will also reduce the chance of your baby getting a condition know as ‘flat head’ (plagiocephaly) which can be caused by prolonged periods in the same position whilst their skull is still soft.
Enjoying Tummy Time Together 
Start for small periods of time such as 1-2 minutes a few times a day. You could start by laying them over your lap or by laying on your back and putting your baby on your chest or tummy – this will help them to feel reassured and secure. 
When laying your baby on the floor place them on a clean, soft surface and keep anything out of the way that isn’t safe (you may be surprised how quickly your baby starts to move around). 
Use age appropriate toys, a book or a mirror to play with your baby and talk to them.
Always supervise your baby during tummy time. 
Always place your baby on their back to sleep. 
Pick up your baby if they start to cry and try again at another time.