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Running and Exercise in Pregnancy

If before Pregnancy you regularly trained in the gym, light weight-lifting is good to help you maintain strength. Increase repetitions rather than weight.
The aim for fitness in pregnancy should be to maintain fitness rather than trying to increase your fitness levels.
Your resting body temperature is higher than normal in pregnancy so  you will get hotter alot faster. Don't exercise to exercise to exhaustion so that you are out of breath. Try the talk test, see if you can hold a conversation.
To avoid overheating stay hydrated by regularly sipping on water throughout and choose a comfortable ventilated exercises environment when possible.
Running is not advised during Pregnancy due to the hormone relaxin which makes the ligaments looser than normal and therefore your joints are more susceptible to injury. 
Running can also put too much pressure on the pelvic floor which becomes weaker as pregnancy progresses. So jolts and sudden movements should be avoided when possible.
You might like to try using the Cross-trainer instead of running on the treadmill or adopt a walk-jog routine which will give you variation. 
Generally it's best to go with how you feel, so listen to your body when exercising and if something doesn't feel right then stop and seek advice from your midwife or GP. 
Signs and symptoms that you should stop exercising and seek medical advice:
Chest, leg, joint or stomach pain
Dizziness or feeling faint
Shortness of breathe
Vaginal bleeding or loss of fluid from your vagina
Difficulty with walking
If you would like to book some Pregnancy Pilates classes to complement your exercise routine get in touch.