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How to stay positive during Pregnancy

Here are 5 tips on staying positive during your Pregnancy.
Read and listen to Positive birth stories
If you want to know what to expect from birth, know that your experience will be unique to you, keep an open mind.
Positive thinking is powerful, if you haven't already read the book 'The Secret' you may enjoy it.
Ask for a seat when travelling on public transport
Wear your 'Baby on board' Badge proudly and don't be afraid to ask for a seat if it goes unnoticed.Carry a bottle of water with you, your antenatal notes and a healthy sweet treat in your bag.
Your normal body temperature is higher than normal during pregnancy so you may feel hotter than normal particularly when travelling.
Treat yourself
Have a Pregnancy massage or why not get a manicure, pedicure and your hair done?
If your feet and ankles need some TLC at the end of a day a foot massage can work wonders.
Carry on as normal
Keep moving. It will help you maintain your strength and stamina by staying active. Make adjustments when you need to as your pregnancy progresses.
Exercise Daily
Go for short walks and stay hydrated by sipping water throughout the day. Pay attention to your posture by allowing your spine to lengthen upwards as you walk and use a heel toe action with your feet.
Pregnancy Pilates and swimming are also great ways to exercise during pregnancy.
To book a set of Pregnancy Pilates get in touch.