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Top 5 tips to help you have a positive birth labour

Are you pregnant and due to give birth soon?
If it's your first baby you may be wondering what to expect from Labour and if you are booked in for Antenatal classes you will be given lots of information about pain relief, breathing in labour, how to manage contractions and feeding options and positions after your baby has arrived.
We have a few tips too so if you'd like to know what they are get in touch.
Once your baby has arrived if you would like to find ways to help bond and play with your baby, Baby Massage is a lovely way to do just that. Our baby massage courses are suitable from 6 weeks to pre-crawling and can help to relieve wind, indigestion, colic as well as improve sleep for both of you.
For more information or to book a private course for you get in touch. We can also accommodate Harrow and Hillingdon NCT groups.