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How to find relief from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Pregnancy

Pregnancy and nature are truly amazing. 
Your body goes through many changes to accommodate your growing baby from conception right through to birth and some of these changes can cause aches and pains. If you are at all concerned it is best to consult your midwife or GP.
Some Mums experience wrist pain in Pregnancy or after giving birth. Wrist pain is one of the symptoms associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. 
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What are the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel syndrome?
Symptoms may include pains and needles in the hands, tingling in the fingers and you may feel pain in these areas as well as in the wrists and forearms. The symptoms tend to be worse at night due to gravity causing fluids to collect in the hands during the day resulting in increased pressure and swelling.
What is Carpal Tunnel syndrome?
Pins and needles in the hands during pregnancy may be caused by the compression of  one or more of the main nerves that travel into your hand through a space in the wrist called the Carpal tunnel.
What are the best positions for exercise in Pregnancy and the Postnatal stage when you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
When performing exercises on all fours (or hands and knees) you can try placing a rolled up towel under your wrists to reduce the angle of the wrist, by keeping your wrists neutral and in line with your hands by making fists or by resting your forearms on a chair,the floor or on a gym ball.
Osteopathy treatment and physiotherapy can also help to relieve wrist pain and Carpal Tunnel syndrome. 
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