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NCT - National Childbirth Trust

Positiv-Life Fitness has had the pleasure of running classes and courses for group members of the NCT.
There are many benefits of learning how to massage your baby and having an opportunity to exercise with your baby in the new Mum & Baby Yoga & Pilates classes and one of them is the social aspect. Being able to connect with other Mums and share experiences is so important after having a baby or babies especially if you are a first time Mum.

Some Mums experience 'Baby blues' a few weeks after childbirth and others may experience Postnatal depression. Talking through your childbirth experience and asking for help from family and close friends can help if you do experience the 'Baby blues'.

If you know someone who is suffering from Postnatal depression or if you are experiencing Postnatal depression it is best to seek advice from your Health Visitor or GP who will be able to help. 
Contact us for more information on Baby Massage or the new Mum & Baby Yoga & Pilates classes which are great for bonding and interacting with your baby.