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Pregnancy Pilates
Suitable from 12 weeks
Positiv-Life Fitness
Pregnancy Pilates
Beginners welcome
Small classes - limited places
Experience of Pilates is not essential.
Exercising throughout pregnancy has many benefits including reducing stress and helping your body prepare for the demands of labour.
"Nice relaxed group. Good to focus on stretching and moving  the body and to connect with the baby." Shehla

"I feel a lot more relaxed during and at the end of my sessions. You often don't have the time to consider your body and having that 1:1 time with baby." Lauren

"Really good, relaxing exercises". Bhumee

"A great pilates course that has really helped me think about my posture and general breathing. I have a much greater understanding of what I need to do to help my core muscles and to strengthen my pelvic floor. I found 45 minutes was a perfect amount of time and I really enjoyed the classes." Grace

"The breathing exercises you taught us definately helped!" Meetal
"I attended the pregnancy Pilates classes primarily to maintain a level fitness during pregnancy. Having never done Pilates before I wasn't sure what to expect or how useful it would be. The classes were ideal for someone who is new to Pilates, they were small in size and just the right length. Giselle is  a knowledgeable trainer who was able to adapt the exercises for each individual in the class. After each class I felt like I had fully worked out and the breathing exercises at the end of the class helped with my sleeping.
I have now had my baby and can honestly say that the breathing and pelvic floor exercises from the classes greatly helped during labour and would recommend them to anyone who is considering joining." Laura
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Many changes occur during pregnancy and this class helps to address the postural changes. Some areas become tightened, lengthened and weakened particularly the pelvic floor.
Positiv-Life Fitness
These are specialised classes which will help maintain
your physical fitness, minimise general pregnancy aches and pains, aid relaxation, and may help to speed your recovery post birth. 
For the next Pregnancy Pilates class take a look at the Positiv-Life Fitness Class times.
"Great class for gentle exercise. Very relaxing aswell
plus it's lovely to meet people in the same stage" Amana
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"Giselle is very patient and gentle during class.
I feel very relaxed during pilates, thanks to
her approach, despite not having any pilates experience.
I'm just sorry that I didn't find out about her classes
sooner." Anne
“I wanted to thank-you for the pregnancy pilates classes
which you ran that I attended. I thoroughly enjoyed the
classes and have become more aware of my growing body
and what muscles are being used now and in labour and what positions and exercises I can adopt to help myself during both pregnancy and labour.
I also met some lovely people through the classes, who I hope to keep in touch with. Thank-you Giselle, you are a wonderfully patient and calm teacher.” Shrijal
"The classes were a great way to keep active and relaxed aswell as prepare my body for birth. Thanks." Rena
"Feel better after classes, very relaxed and more in control of my muscles - feel more confident for the birth. Thanks." Anna
"Loved the classes, gentle, relaxing yet you feel like your having a proper controlled safe workout. Definately want to come back for the next set. Thank you Giselle." Nina
"Nice quiet downtime with exercise!
Very gentle movements though the benefits are timely felt. Great for strengthening my pelvic floor. Thoroughly enjoyable." Yvonne
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