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We specialise in Small group Personal training Pregnancy Pilates, Mum & Baby Yoga & Postnatal Pilates, Baby Massage & Fitness for Mums for those in & near Eastcote, Ruislip, Harrow, Pinner, Northwood & Uxbridge London
What positive change can you make today? 
Are you a pregnant mum, postnatal mum or non-postnatal Mum looking for a class to join? Why not join us for a set of Positiv-Life Fitness Pregnancy Pilates, our Mum & Baby Yoga & Pilates Moovz course, Fitness for Mums sessions or a Baby Massage course? 
We offer small group classes and private courses too.
Take a look at the Class times page for dates and times.

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Pregnancy Pilates January 8th 2018
Monday 7.30pm-8.15pm
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Pregnancy Pilates February 5th 2018
Monday 7.30pm-8.15pm
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The Pregnancy Pilates classes are a great way of keeping active and relaxed.
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Pregnancy Pilates
Pregnant Mums - if you want to start exercising join us for a set of Pregnancy classes. It will help you stay active and relaxed throughout your pregnancy. Mums pregnant with twins or more are welcome to join also.   

"Pregnancy Pilates with Giselle helped me in so many ways during and after my pregnancy. Pilates strengthened my core and improved my posture through out the pregnancy helping with pregnancy aches and pains. Giselle was a wonderful teacher tailoring exercises to each one of us so they are carried out safely. I was also able to connect with my baby and prepare for labour with breathing techniques taught in class. I would highly recommend these classes with Giselle for all pregnant women, they were wonderful." Reena

"An extremely relaxing but challenging class to suit different levels of fitness. It is difficult to get out of the house during the cold winter months but always felt great once finished. Thoroughly recommend it to keep you fit & mobile throughout pregnancy." Sona

"Having suffered from pelvic pain in my previous pregnancy, Giselle's Pilates classes have definitely helped regain some of my pelvic strength and I feel like I've learnt more about my core strength and in general I'm more aware of my posture." 
:) Heeta

"Really enjoyed the classes, great balance of relaxation, stretching & exercise for me during pregnancy. Suitable throughout pregnancy & great to be able to vary the level dependent on how you feel. Really benefited from the classes. Thanks." Simal

"Great class! I wish I'd started them earlier in my pregnancy. Great for relaxation but also good for working muscles. Definitely recommend the class!" :) Ceri

"A great class! I could notice the difference in my muscles and stamina week on week. Thank you very much." Bairavi

"A really great class that strikes the perfect balance between relaxation and workout. It is so good to know what you can do and feel it working! The breathing is very effective and is very beneficial in practising pelvic floor exercises and relaxing breathing more generally. A great class and a great way to keep exercising during pregnancy." Sarah

"A great pilates course that has really helped me think about my posture and general breathing. I have a much greater understanding of what I need to do to help my core muscles and to strengthen my pelvic floor. I found 45 minutes was a perfect amount of time and I really enjoyed the classes." Grace

"A great Pilates course - Giselle made the class enjoyable and relaxing for me and bump. Despite being in a group, she paid attention to everyone and was able to help me with technique and posture.
Would recommend to alI mummies to be!" Heena

Positiv-Life Fitness

The Pregnancy Pilates classes in Eastcote are held on Mondays and Fridays 7.30-8.15pm
Get in touch to book a place on the next set of classes January 8th. 

"I've thoroughly enjoyed pregnancy Pilates with Giselle. It's been relaxing but also very productive with stretches & exercises. Pelvic floor exercises, lunges & squats have specifically been useful. Really beneficial in terms of relaxation". Poonam

"Classes are really relaxing and give me some much needed 'me' time. I enjoy the stretches and working on the core! Thank you!" Gita

"An enjoyable and at times challenging class. The classes did help me with my breathing and to relax." Martina

"Great way to stretch & improve core strength. Helps with stretching out my tight hips & improves my SPD." Aarti
"I thoroughly enjoyed the pregnancy pilates class and would most definitely recommend Giselle and her classes to anyone. Well worth the money and I'm hopefully looking forward to joining the Postnatal Yoga classes." Gurpreet
"I've been going for 4 weeks now, I'm 22 weeks pregnant. The class is really varied and Giselle offers lots of alternatives depending where you are in your pregnancy. She lets you go at your own pace which really works for me. I feel like she really understands what I'm feeling being a Mum herself so if anytime I have any questions I don't feel silly asking. 

Exercise of any sort can be a really daunting experience especially when I'm the heaviest I've ever been in my life, but I've finally found something that helps me relax, stretch and exercise in preparation for baby. 
I've really noticed a difference in the positions I'm able to do now compared to when I started. Getting better and better each week. Thank you Giselle can't wait for Baby Yoga!" Louise
The Pregnancy Pilates classes may help to minimise your pregnancy aches and pains and give you some 'time out' for yourself and your baby bump. By nurturing yourself you are nurturing your baby.   
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Mum & Baby Yoga & Pilates Moovz

Positiv-Life Fitness

Mum do you want to exercise with your baby? Both of you will benefit & it's great for bonding. 
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"A very enjoyable class. Giselle is excellent at including everyone & making it casual. Perfect class size & toys for the babies." Frankie

"Very enjoyable. A great class for Mum & baby. Perfect balance of exercises." Stephanie

"Thank you. It has been a really worthwhile course. I have appreciated how relaxed it is (especially when babies are fussing!) Giselle adapts the exercises to accommodate the babies. I will be attending further classes & would recommend to other Mums." Laura
"Myself and my baby A thoroughly enjoyed Giselle's yoga sessions. It was nice to incorporate my baby in the exercises and sing nursery rhymes doing some yoga moves with my baby. I will definately do some of the yoga moves we learnt at home. Thank you so much for having us Giselle." Gurdeep  

Baby Massage courses

Positiv-Life Fitness
Places are available for private
Baby Massage courses and also Mum & Baby Yoga & Pilates  courses for NCT groups and small groups of Mums. 

"Really enjoyed the 3 sessions - learnt great techniques for each body area and honed my massage skills. Great bonding for me & my baby as I can use what I've learnt every day!" Nisha

"I've just finished the 3 week Baby Massage course and have found it quite refreshing and am looking forward to practising with my little one. The course is very informative and good value for money and Giselle is an excellent teacher." Gurpreet

Fitness for Mum 
Mums do you want to get fit again and feel fantastic? 
The Fitness for Mum sessions will give you some 'me time' and help you feel fit again.

Positiv-Life Fitness


"I did 2 sets of 5 sessions with Giselle following the birth of my 2nd baby. I have noticed a huge difference in my strength and balance and the large gap between my abdominals has closed alot. I really enjoyed the sessions and found them both challenging and relaxing. Thank you!" Naomi

"Excellent classes. Really helped me get back into shape after having Z. Also great understanding and patient when having to deal with baby during the session. Sad to be ending as going back to work. Will come back for child No.2. Would recommend to anyone." Rebecca

"I've found the sessions extremely beneficial in helping me get back to myself post-pregnancy. I feel stronger and can feel my core muscles tightening up. My back pain has reduced after the sessions." Sheena

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Positiv-Life Fitness

Class and courses as Gifts
Pregnancy Pilates, Mum & Baby Yoga & Pilates, Baby Massage  make lovely gifts for birthdays and other special occasions.
Get in touch if you'd like to buy classes for a friend.
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Here are the upcoming Positiv-Life Fitness course start dates and times:-
Pregnancy Pilates January 8th 2018
Monday 7.30pm-8.15pm
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Pregnancy Pilates February 5th 2018
Monday 7.30pm-8.15pm
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Fitness for Mums 
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"I feel much better after the sessions. Feel relaxed, my pelvis is better, my joints are flexible. In general I feel much better. I feel very happy and don't feel depressed now. Thanks to Giselle I am fit now." Ranjan
Positiv-Life Fitness
Take some 'time out' for you. Find relief from pregnancy aches and pains, energise and relax in our Pregnancy Pilates classes which are safe exercises for pregnancy. The classes are suitable for all levels from complete beginners to exercise and Pilates through to the more experienced. The classes are small and are a great way of meeting other pregnant mums. Get in touch to book.
"I feel very relaxed and stretched at the end of it. Giselle creates a calming experience with a mixture of breathing, floor exercises, lunges & use of bands etc. I would recommend this class to any Mum to be who would like to work the pelvic floor & connect with baby." Nili

"The classes were good to get me out and actually exercising and making time for it. Giselle knows how to adjust exercises for people depending on their individual needs and remembered those needs well. Very relaxing atmosphere aswell." Mitiksha

"Really relaxing session, I always feel so much better after the class. It's not too much for my body as I can go to my own speed/strength and my body feels great." Anisha

"I have been attending Giselle's Pilates classes since I was 18 weeks pregnant and am currently 33 weeks pregnant.
I find the classes relaxing and good for keeping my shape throughout my pregnancy. The exercises are not too much for me to handle, even as I am getting bigger! Giselle will tweak the movements to suit your needs and requirements - she is approachable and helpful, and it's nice that there are not too many people in the class so it's easy to get to know others and make friends.
The exercises vary each week, working your arms one week, and legs the next. She will always begin and end the classes with relaxation, guiding you with your breathing and giving advice where required.
Overall, I feel that the classes have been really helpful in working and keeping my muscles toned throughout my pregnancy - am glad I chose to do Pilates, rather than Yoga! :)" Janina
"I really enjoy the Pregnancy Pilates classes. I've never been to Pilates before and so wasn't sure what to expect. I would say it's a perfect exercise class for expectant mums and very relaxing. Giselle is a brilliant teacher and lets you go at your own pace." Jenny
"The breathing we did in the Pilates classes really helped me control my breathing during Labour". Alexia
"I did this pregnancy Pilates and then followed on the baby yoga and baby moovz.
The atmosphere is relaxed to accommodate the needs of the expectant mother or the mother with baby. Giselle is very experienced and skilled at altering the class to suit each individual. The workouts were tough!
In the baby yoga & baby moovz my baby loved the stretches and the colourful toys!
All of these classes were a wonderful way to meet people and it was nice to have a drink and a cookie after our workout! Highly recommended!" Yvonne
Positiv-Life Fitness

Upcoming Positiv-Life Fitness Pregnancy Pilates dates and times:-
Pregnancy Pilates January 8th 2018
Monday 7.30pm-8.15pm
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Pregnancy Pilates February 5th 2018
Monday 7.30pm-8.15pm
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Keep active with us during your Pregnancy!
Are you or someone you know pregnant, looking for an Antenatal class and live in or near Eastcote, Pinner, Hillingdon, Eastcote, Pinner, Northwood, Ruislip, Harrow, Hatch End, Watford, Bushey, Denham, Harefield, Ickenham, Uxbridge or Beaconsfield?
If you are looking for an exercise class which you can continue to do throughout your pregnancy, try our Positiv-Life Fitness Pregnancy Pilates classes.  Get in touch to book a place on the next set of Pregnancy classes in Eastcote.
Pregnancy Pilates
Suitable from 12 weeks
Beginners welcome
Small classes - limited places
Get in touch to book a place
Positiv-Life Fitness
The exercises in the Pregnancy Pilates classes help to address the areas that become tightened, lengthened and weakened, particularly the pelvic floor. Exercising throughout pregnancy will not only help prepare you for the demands of labour but may also speed your recovery after your baby arrives. You and your unborn baby will benefit from the exercise and relaxation. 
For the next Pregnancy Pilates class in Eastcote, take a look at the Positiv-Life Fitness Class times for dates.
Positiv-Life Fitness

Here's what else clients have said about the Positiv-Life Fitness Pregnancy Pilates classes:-
"Really enjoyable course. Helps keep your body active and in shape but not too strenuous. Breathing and pelvic floor exercises really useful!" Louise 
"A good relaxing class - a workout for the muscles I'd forgotten I had since falling pregnant." Hannah
"Thanks Giselle, well pitched, enjoyable class. Gives me a few moments to concentrate and connect with baby 2." Neeta
"Thanks for the class - really enjoyed it and felt it was just right! I also had the best night's sleep after days of tossing and turning!" Meera
"I was highly recommended your classes through my midwife from Queen Charlotte's Hospital. I am so glad I attended the eight sessions as I really benefited from the exercises, stretches and breathing techniques." Sunita
"Found the gentle stretches helpful & felt them working more than expected. Relaxing to have once a week. Thank you for everything." Nehal
"Excellent classes tailored to everybody's needs. A good whole body workout & tips on breathing. I feel it will help during birth. Will be resuming for postnatal Pilates!" Meetal
"I thought the class was great. Woke up feeling it in my legs! It was good, it means I actually worked out!" Sonya
"Great class, nice to be able to exercise safely. Thank you." Debbie

"Great relaxing class for pregnancy. Easy exercises which you can do at home as well. Really enjoyed it". Irrum
"I really look forward to my classes, even with my SPD Giselle adapts the class to suit my needs. I find the classes very beneficial especially with bladder control and an all over stretch always leaves me feeling relaxed after my class. I have never done Pilates before and will definitely continue after the baby is born." Mala
 "Giselle's ante-natal Pilates classes are a great way to exercise with your bump and get some relaxing "me-time" too. It's also  been a nice way to meet other mums-to-be in the area and I recommend the classes". Pria 

"I attended Giselle's classes for a month from 35 weeks, as I was feeling the need for some extra stretching and relaxing techniques. Giselle is a lovely teacher with a soft gentle approach and is very welcoming to newcomers. It's a nice relaxed small intimate class that makes you feel so much more relaxed afterwards and with the added bonus of getting to meet other mums-to-be - my only wish is that I had started going to the classes a bit earlier." Elizabeth 
"I am thoroughly enjoying the classes – I find them very relaxing. I will definitely continue the classes if I can post pregnancy." Rakhi
"Thank you for the Pilates course - I found it a really useful activity during my pregnancy. It allowed me to take some time out of my busy life and focus on the baby which I liked. In addition I found the exercise helped keep my muscles from getting stiff and helped me relax and sleep well after the
session." Liz
"I am enjoying them. I'd definitely recommend these classes to other pregnant Mums" Charmi
"Giselle has been a brilliant and very effective teacher during my pregnancy. The classes have helped me overcome my back pain and generally feel fitter and better during my weeks 18-24.
I am very pleased that I have joined her postnatal classes." Dusha 
"I've really enjoyed my pregnancy Pilates class. It has helped me to deal with the general aches and pains  of pregnancy and has also enabled me to relax and focus on my baby and changing body in a comfortable environment. I'd recommend attending a class to anyone who was pregnant." Paula
"I found these classes very beneficial during my pregnancy, Giselle was a great instructor and due to small groups the classes were more intimate and personal. I would highly recommend this class to all." Kavita
"Really great class. Giselle helps you maintain your strength whilst you are pregnant and is great at guiding you through the exercises and working to your ability." Rebecca
"I have really found your classes helpful not only for my SPD, but also enables me to concentrate on the correct stretches and exercises needed in pregnancy which I would not do at home." Nira
"Really loved these sessions. Felt great after each class and would highly recommend." Nemisha
"Really enjoyed the classes - found them relaxing and the time always passed really quickly. Having not done Pilates before would definately recommend. Lovely, friendly atmosphere." Michelle
"Great sessions. May have resolved my back pain. Good to have a space to stop and relax. Need to practice on my breathing. Definately recommended." Tricia
"A very relaxing class which has helped me to stretch and exercise in a controlled way. With Giselle's guidance I was able to control my breathing and move my body and baby as far as was comfortable. Will hopefully join up to another class when little one arrives". Sheena
"I really enjoyed the pregnancy Pilates. It has helped with my rib pains and breathing. The follow on emails were much appreciated. I will hopefully continue with the normal Pilates after baby is born. Thank you Giselle". Sarah-Jane
"The classes were a great way to keep active and relaxed aswell as prepare my body for birth. Thanks." Rena
"Feel better after classes, very relaxed and more in control of my muscles - feel more confident for the birth. Thanks." Anna
"Loved the classes, gentle, relaxing yet you feel like your having a proper controlled safe workout. Definately want to come back for the next set. Thank you Giselle." Nina
"Nice quiet downtime with exercise!
Very gentle movements though the benefits are timely felt. Great for strengthening my pelvic floor. Thoroughly enjoyable." Yvonne
"It was lovely to meet you, I really enjoyed our 1-2-1 class!" Andrea
"I am very glad I joined the class, I had the best night sleep in a week!" Mal
"Great class for gentle exercise. Very relaxing aswell
plus it's lovely to meet people in the same stage" Amana

"Giselle is very patient and gentle during class.
I feel very relaxed during Pilates, thanks to
her approach, despite not having any Pilates experience.
I'm just sorry that I didn't find out about her classes
sooner." Anne 
“I wanted to thank-you for the Pregnancy Pilates classes
which you ran that I attended. I thoroughly enjoyed the
classes and have become more aware of my growing body
and what muscles are being used now and in labour and what positions and exercises I can adopt to help myself during both pregnancy and labour.
I also met some lovely people through the classes, who I hope to keep in touch with. Thank-you Giselle, you are a wonderfully patient and calm teacher.” Shrijal
These are gentle but effective classes which will help maintain your physical fitness, minimise general pregnancy aches and pains, aid relaxation, and may help to speed your recovery post birth.
Please click here to read terms and conditions before booking.
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Contact us to register and book a place.
Positiv--Life Fitness
Pregnancy exercise classes for mums and pregnant mums living in or near Eastcote, Pinner, Ruislip, Hillingdon, Denham, Harefield, Ickenham, Uxbridge, Harrow, Bushey, Northwood, Hatch End,  Watford, Beaconsfield.
Mum & Baby Yoga & Pilates
Suitable for babies from 6 weeks of age. Mums from 6 weeks and 12 weeks Postnatal. Twin babies are welcome.
Click here for class and course prices.
"I really enjoyed it and so did E. I would definately recommend you to other Mums aswell!" Carina
"A great way to get back into exercising after having a baby and lovely to be able to do it with your baby.
We love the flexibility. You are free to do what your baby needs during the class and Giselle is very understanding!" Pria
"Good small friendly group. It helped my back. Enjoyed the class." Bhavani
"I very much enjoyed this class which is a great balance of baby and Mum exercises as well as an opportunity to meet other Mums and babies and share experiences. Thoroughly recommend." Rebecca
Looking for a course for you and your NCT group?
Get in touch to book a place on the next course.
Mum & Baby Yoga & Pilates is a combination of Postnatal Pilates exercises and gentle Yoga stretches for Mum with fun Yoga exercises for baby.
Positiv-Life Fitness
Mum & Baby Yoga Moovz is for active babies and is a combination of Postnatal Pilates exercises and fun dynamic gentle Yoga stretches for baby.
These are great activities for you and your baby to enjoy!
Mum & Baby Yoga & Pilates Moovz
Looking to do a course with your Mummy friends?
Here's what our clients have said about the Positiv-Life Fitness Mum & Baby Yoga & Pilates Moovz classes:-
"Excellent class - interactive and great fun for both K and I. The nursery rhymes and poses help keep K entertained and happy. Easy to follow and also benefits me." Charsima
"This was a great opportunity to get my little girl into exercise early on - she seemed to enjoy it! I think it's great to exercise them in a gentle and fun way! I really love the fact that us mums can do some exercise too! Makes me feel good! She is always knocked out after class!" Meera
"Very friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Great for babies to socialise with other babies and mothers.
Thank you for introducing us to mummy & baby Yoga". Kathryn
"Very good interactive class. Babies really enjoyed it & good gentle workout for mothers too." Meetal
"Baby Yoga was very helpful to myself and baby and I got to meet new mums. Very good class." Reena
"Baby Yoga was enjoyable or both me & the baby. The baby seemed to quite happy with the different exercises & still is. Teacher was also good & clear with any questions we had." Arti
"Giselle's class has been excellent - a great combination of Mum & Baby exercises in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Thank you Giselle." Jennifer
 "I'm glad I did it, it was better than I expected. My arms really felt like they had worked!" Nisha
"I enjoyed the class very much! You split well the mums vs. babies exercises. I also liked that you brought all equipment including baby toys, which made our lives easier! Overall, an excellent experience, which I would highly recommend to all new mums." Delia
Positiv--Life Fitness

Mum & Baby Yoga & Pilates Moovz is suitable for both younger and active babies up to 12 months. 

The classes include a combination of gentle but dynamic Baby Yoga stretches and Postnatal Pilates exercises for Mum.
Babies love music and movement and Mum has an opportunity to do some exercise too.

Are you or someone you know looking for Baby Yoga classes and live in or near Hillingdon, Eastcote, Pinner, Northwood, Ruislip, Harrow, Hatch End, Ickenham, Uxbridge. 
Private courses for NCT groups are available by arrangement.
Get in touch for details.
Benefits include helping to ease indigestion, wind and colic.
Positiv-Life Fitness

Here's what else our clients have said about the Mum & Baby Yoga & Pilates classes:-
"This has been an incredible experience for me and my baby boy. It's been an opportunity to relax (for me :) ) and a chance to bond further in a quiet environment with my son.
Giselle is very easy going, approachable and personable which makes the sessions special." Charmaine
"We both really enjoyed the course and looking forward to joining the next class in February." Carly
"I think the strength of your sessions are that they include both baby and mum. All the other sessions I investigated were only baby yoga". Siobhan
"Really enjoyed the Baby Yoga. Found the exercise for baby really helpful with the wind. Thanks Giselle". Elfie
"Great class for both myself and K. The class really helped relieve tension in my upper back and overall really relaxed me." Nishma
"C and I have really enjoyed Mum & Baby Yoga; as a brand new parent I was nervous at starting a new group with him - but in fact the calm & soothing movements removed all of these feelings - it really helps with the bond between Mum & Baby." Jodie 
"Really enjoyed being able to work out with baby and 'use' him as part of the workout. Also good opportunity for me to get some exercise as have no time otherwise." Reena
"Giselle is a very good instructor and I enjoyed the classes thoroughly. They were relaxing for my baby and at the same time I got a gentle exercise." Jigna
"Great class. Relaxed atmosphere. Able to practise the exercises at home. Fun for me and baby." Shivani
"Giselle is a great instructor of baby yoga. Even when the babies are fussing she is very calm and patient. M loved it :)
"I really enjoyed the combined exercises. E has enjoyed them practised at home." Sharon
"Both S and I really enjoyed your Baby Yoga class." Andrea
"I signed up to the Baby Yoga sessions, having already completed the Baby Massage course.  The Yoga was brilliant, particularly as the first section was for my baby and then there were exercises for the mums.  I was so pleased that there were positions that enabled me to hold my baby when she was being a little grumpy so that I didn't miss out on the experience. The other mums and babies were great too.  As well as the obligatory mats and toys, Giselle brings with her a sense of calm that is contagious and I would highly recommend this course." Nikki 
"Really enjoyed the practical classes and Baby always slept really well after each class. Thank you Giselle for teaching me these invaluable techniques. Each class was a lot of fun and Giselle is very welcoming." Sharon
"Very good fun, useful having the emails to remind me of the moves at home. E enjoyed the sessions too! :) Helena
"Learnt lots & enjoyed a few moments to think about my own body whilst still holding and focusing on my baby." Selena
"Good introduction to Baby Yoga." Shilpi
"Good variety of poses & teacher was very patient. Really enjoyed the class." Diane
"Lots of good ideas to carry on with at home." Katie
"Enjoyable and he loved it." Liz
"I love it! Wish I had done it when he was younger." Kerrie
"Giselle is very approachable and accommodating." Michelle
Click here for class and course prices.
Contact us to register and book a place on a course.
Mummy Pilates & Yoga
Postnatal classes suitable from 6 weeks Natural Birth
12 weeks Caesarean Birth
Postnatal mums if you have had a baby within the last 6 months, this is an ideal class to re-introduce you to exercise if you
exercised before or during pregnancy. It is gentle and will help you regain balance, stability and strength. It will also improve your posture.
Here's what our clients have said about the Postnatal classes:-
"Great pace workout, thank you. Giselle I felt and understood exactly what m strengths and weaknesses are. I found my core!" Rakhee
"I really enjoyed pilates with Giselle. She helped me get my pelvic floor back after my first child. Her personal one to one sessions are fun but challenging. I go away feeling very relaxed but toned. Highly recommend one to one sessions with Giselle as she tailors them to your personal needs." Sejal
"Had 5 sessions of PostnataI Yoga & Pilates. The sessions helped me work on my problem areas and at the same time enjoy every bit of it. There was a good balance of workout and relaxation exercises. Enjoyed every move/moment.
Thank you!!" Shobana
"The class is very good, the exercises are perfect for postnatal, the teacher is very professional making sure that you are doing them correctly and that they are adequate for your level." Natalia
"I love postnatal Pilates it's a great way to ease yourself in to getting back to your pre-pregnancy shape!" Kerrie
'"Giselle's postnatal Pilates classes are a great way to help tone all the right areas after having a baby and the perfect way to get back into exercising." Seema'
Positiv-Life Fitness
If you are a member of NCT Harrow, NCT Hillingdon or another Mum and Baby group why not contact us to arrange private classes for you and your Antenatal or Postnatal mummy friends?
Please click here to read terms and conditions before booking.
Contact us to register and book a place.

Baby Massage
Suitable for babies 6 weeks to pre-crawling
Positiv-Life Fitness
Do you and a mummy friend want to learn how to massage your babies?
If your baby is suffering from wind, indigestion or colic massage can help.
Get in touch to arrange a private course.
Click here for class and course prices.
Apart from helping to relieve symptoms such as wind, indigestion and colic, it aids parental bonding, strengthens the immune system and may help your baby to have a better quality of sleep through relaxation.
Positiv-Life Fitness
Are you or someone you know looking for private Baby Massage classes and live in or near Eastcote, Pinner, Northwood, Ruislip, Harrow, Ickenham, Uxbridge or Beaconsfield?  

Here's what our clients have said about our Baby Massage classes:-
"My husband and I did a 3 session baby massage course with our twins. We found Giselle to be informative, instructive and accommodating. The massage clearly helped our children to relax and was a skill we could add to our repertoire of activities with the kids. With nursery rhymes and songs to accompany the massage actions, it provided an engaging interactive session with our children. Thank you Giselle!" Amy

"Fantastic course - great way to connect with my son in a calm way (as long as he says 'yes' ofcourse!) Will definately take the moves away and try to build them into our bedtime routine.
Thank you Giselle - I'll be recommending this course to all my new Mum friends." Sasha 
"I really liked the class. I liked that Giselle gave us the oil and handouts to practise it at home. I also liked the music she put on during the class and the songs we sang." Clara 
"The course was really informative & relaxed. Giselle was lovely, friendly & very easy going." Heather 
"Great class -  learnt a lot and liked the repetition of strokes to ensure we learnt what we were doing." Manpreet 
"The atmosphere was very nice & the techniques were explained slowly & clearly. A very pleasant experience." Caroline
"We have thoroughly enjoyed Giselle's baby massage class. The course was very well organised, the atmosphere was warm and informal. Thanks to the classes, baby and I are able to bond and relax in new exciting ways and we would recommend this to other new mummies. We also sleep better!
Thanks for the wonderful time." Iliana
"Fantastic course. It really helped my baby relax. After the first session she actually fell asleep afterwards. It's a great way to bond with your baby and helps you both relax.
Giselle has a very calm persona and I look forward to booking more classes in the near future".
"The massage course was really good and well done. My son enjoyed it and I look forward to carrying out the full massage on him soon at home." Sejal
"Good informative course - Baby didn't let me massage in class much so hope I use it at home" Kavita
"I really enjoyed the course and she seems to enjoy it." Deborah
"It was good and he enjoys it." Carly
"It was really good thank you." Rebecca
"I enjoyed it and she loves being massaged." Alexia
"She slept really well after the sessions." Karen
"Made very enjoyable, with a friendly and relaxed environment. Giselle is patient and professional and makes the experience personal and unique.
Thank you very much for helping us learn our technique and strokes that we could use for years to come" Claire
"I really enjoyed it, thank you." Lowri
"Brilliant course. As parents we know massage is good for them but it's great to learn in person how to do it safely." Tina
"I found the course very useful and easy to follow. She really loves it." Nisha
"Very informative, informal comfortable environment. The small class size helped with understanding class content. I would recommend to others." Ruby
"It's great to be able to do different parts of the body for things like teething and snuffles". Hayley
"It's nice to be able to do a massage to help with colic." Nikki
"This has been very useful and helpful. I'm so glad I did it. Thank you for the recommendations and thank you for accommodating me." Kripa
"Very enjoyable would recommend." Michelle
"I love Baby Massage and so does my baby." 
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Fitness for Mum
If you are a Mum that wants to lose weight and tone up book some private sessions with us. 
There really is no better time to get fit, shape up and feel good. For extra motivation get a friend to join you.
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Here's what our clients have said about the Fitness for Mum training sessions:-
"I feel lighter!" Azra
"I have lost the weight and I do feel good." Sapna
"Giselle has changed the way I see myself in terms of my
diet, lifestyle & of course my exercising. She is committed to helping me reach my goals and as a result, I am 100% committed to her training sessions.
Thanks Giselle for helping me lose weight & get fit!" Namita
"Giselle was incredibly supportive throughout the ten weeks. Lots of tips on nutrition and fitting exercise into my busy lifestyle. The sessions with Giselle were fun and hard (!) at times. There were days after a long week when the thought
of exercise over a glass of wine was a difficult choice!
But after the class I felt great!
Looking forward to the next 10 weeks." Niran

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Positiv-Life Fitness
Mums - habits are hard to break how about making fitness your new habit? Fitness can be made fun with your babies!
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Telephone: 07974 062 973 (UK)

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